I am a descendant of the families of the Piney Woods / Dardens / Free Union community of Martin County, North Carolina. Primary surnames include Barber, Boston, Brooks, Corden, James, Keyes, Pierce, Peele, Smith, Whitehurst, and many others.

I am hoping to gather pictures and written descriptions of the people and places of this community and to publish them here so that any descendant of these people can see and read about their relatives and ancestors.

If you have stories, photographs, or biographical details that you would like to contribute, please contact me.


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  1. I am the Granddaughter of Dave Biggs and Otelia Smith. Ilean Biggs Harris is my mother their daughter. All of you in Pineywoods and Darden are my cousins blood relative !!! you may call me at 1-302-670-6717 looking forward to your calls so we can talk and chat a spell!!! Josephine Franco.

  2. Hi Leigh, My name is Earl Whitehurst and presently lives in Piney Woods. Take a look at ” The Piney Woods Connection” on Facebook. You may see some of the other connections to Piney Woods.

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        Josephine Franco commented: “Tammie call me my phone number is in my reply above. Josephine Franco” | |

  3. Hello Leigh, I am your cousin Anita Peele, daughter of David Peele, son of Gadus Peele, son of Enoch and Cottie Peele. So your father William(I assume) is my grandfather’s brother.😂

  4. now all yall need to call me at the number I gave you above, now again my name is Josephine Franco, now I am not going to tell yall no more , get in touch with you blood so we dont end up marrying one another(LAUGH)! I am Dave Biggs granddaughter and Joseph Biggs first cousin. again 302-670-6717, I aint going tell you no more, dont let come down there with a switch(LAUGH) Looking forward to hearing from you.

  5. Hello Leigh, (and Josephine) 🙂
    My name is Audrey Whitaker and I am the daughter of Virginia (Tootsie) James Whitaker, and the granddaughter of Leora and Nymphus James of Piney Woods.
    I look forward to learning more about our heritage and communicating with relatives that I have not met.

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