The Enoch Peele and Cottie Pierce Family Lived Here

According to my father, William Peele, his family lived in this house for a while.   I was with my dad when he took this picture in about 1999, during a family visit to attend his sister Malinda‘s fiftieth wedding anniversary party.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take note of the exact location of the house.

One-time home of the Enoch Peele and Cottie Pierce family circa 1930


5 thoughts on “The Enoch Peele and Cottie Pierce Family Lived Here

  1. My name is Josephine Franco,I am The great grand daughter of Beadie Brooks an Jerry Smith.My grand mother is Otilia Smith Biggs ,my grand father was David Biggs,My uncle Melvin married Credie James,they had 5 children.Willie,Robert,Joe,Melvin and Audrey. Please call me I want to hear from my people 302-670-6717 Thanks Josephine

    • Josephine, nice to meet you. If you look at the “Piney Woods Connection” on Facebook you will see other family members. I think you will be happy with that connection. I’m one of the administrators for that page.
      My name is Early Whitehurst and Credie is my mother’s 1st cousin.

      • My pleasure also, we as blood relatives should make it our business to come together as our family once did back in the time when family meant everything!. It saddens me to see us so far apart it really dose. We as a FAMILY here in Pineywoods have sooooooo much to be greatful for we have blood ties, History ,purpose,memories but most of all we have the most valuble connection. It is so sad when I visit to see others there that has no connection to us at all! PIneywoods belongs to the ones who made it all possible to its existence.Cordons,Pierce,Biggs,James,Smith,Brooks,Cordons,Brooks and Boston’s,Peeles,Whitakers,and others who I can’t remember at this point,but those I mentioned are the Genesis of that community,and we as a people make every effort to maintaned that connection. You may call me @ 302-670-6717

      • My grandmother’s name was Isolene Whitehearst , she married Willie Bell Boston and they had 14 children. I would love to hear more of my family’s tree.

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